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Oct 2021 | Sustainable living, Wildlife/Conservation

What a journey it has been so far.

Earth Lover began back in August 2020. It has been a huge learning curve for us, but we are loving every minute. We wanted to start by telling you a little bit about ourselves and why we started Earth Lover.

Where it truly began

We are two sisters living in Suffolk, who grew up in the Essex town of Maldon. If you love salt, you will know this little town. Located on the beautiful river blackwater, we spent most of our childhood down the local prom or roaming around the back fields. Our favourite spot was a small stream known locally as just “the ditch”. No phones, no internet just dirt and more dirt.

Coming from a somewhat quirky family of nature lovers, our passion for all creatures great and small started from a young age. It was not an unusual occurrence to us, for our nan to arrive on jubilee day with one of her donkeys in tow. Nevertheless this was our normal and we loved it! It started us on our inevitable journey to where we are today.

About us

Heidi has always had a real passion for making her own natural products in her spare time and hopefully we will be able to bring this experience through to our brand in the future. Having undertaken a number of courses in natural beauty, it opened her eyes to the number of products that contain ingredients that are simply not required and harmful to the environment. Making your own products is a great way to overcome this or by doing some basic research before you buy.

Furthermore during a trip to Thailand in 2017, the unbelievable amount of waste washed up on the beaches was a shocking realisation as to how bad plastic pollution had become. It fuelled the need to make changes within our daily lives and promote sustainable living.

My passion is undoubtably wildlife. Having spent a number of years studying and working in the bush and marine environments of South Africa, I have a true passion to actively do what I can to continue to raise awareness and protect the natural world.

Experiencing first-hand the tragedy of rhino poaching and the challenging world of wildlife conservation, I feel it is important to be a voice for the voiceless. Having spent many holidays on the reserves where I worked, Heidi also caught the warrior bug and we hope through our Earth Lover journey we can ignite this passion in others.

Who we support

We wanted to choose a charity close to our hearts. Tofauti is a wildlife charity based in Kenya, founded by Crista Cullen MBE. Tofauti is committed to the long-term protection of African wildlife and building relationships between local people and animals to ensure ways in which they can co-exist together.

Earth Lover

Heidi and I had always talked about working together. With our shared enthusiasm we wanted to create a brand that was not just a brand but a sustainable lifestyle journey. Our drive is to provide products that give people the option to make ethical and sustainable choices and the desire to make a difference through positive engagement, via our online media platforms. Our first products are now available in our online store.

We offer a range of organic cotton clothing that is Fair Wear, GOTS certified and PETA approved. Our Jute shopper is an ideal simple swap to reduce plastic waste. We wanted to provide items that are not only sustainable but also products that follow a slow fashion ethos.

Our aim is to expand our sustainable range to offer everyday eco-friendly alternatives that are planet friendly. We are at the beginning of our journey and hope you will come and join us for the ride.

Sarah & Heidi xxx

The Earth is a wondrous place worth fighting for.

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