Organic, ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly, amazing! I ordered the Earth Lover t-shirt and I wasn’t disappointed. Great quality, perfect fit! I will be ordering from these guys again.

Zoe Francis

Really love the concept of this brand and having bought some of their products I’ve found they are great quality too! I’ve been using the tote bag every day, it is so useful! I’ve enjoyed wearing their t-shirts through summer and now we are in autumn I’m totally cosy in their sweatshirts and hoodies! Can’t wait to see the next product they launch!

Andrea Green

I love, love, love my large shopper jute bag. I use it every day for work (forget a laptop bag – this works perfectly) and it still looks brand new. And it’s nearly a year old.

Sarah Faers

The Earth is a wondrous place worth fighting for

Earth Lover is a proud supporter of Tofauti - a charity committed to building resilience, rather than reliance among Africa's communities and wildlife. Tofauti believe that working with local people is the only way to help humans and animals find ways to co-exist together.

Tofauti are passionate about creating bespoke, long-term solutions for wildlife protection and place education at the centre of what they do, so that local people become empowered to create and sustain positive change.

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