Terms and Conditions

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In these Conditions:

“Purchaser” signifies the individual who acknowledges a citation of the Vender for the offer of the Merchandise or whose request for the Products is acknowledged by the Dealer.

“Conditions” signifies the standard terms and states of offer set out in this record and incorporate any uncommon terms and conditions concurred recorded as a hard copy between the Purchaser and the Vender.

“Agreement” signifies the agreement for the buy and offer of the Merchandise.

“Power Majeure” signifies any conditions past the sensible control of the Dealer including, without restriction, a demonstration of God, blast, flood, fire, war, import or fare guidelines, strikes, lock-outs.

“Products” signifies the merchandise which the Dealer is to supply to the Purchaser under these Conditions as determined in the site.

“Vender” signifies Earth Lover, Norwood, Chruch Road, Elmswell, Suffolk, IP30 9DU

Premise of the deal

  • The Vender will sell and the Purchaser will buy the Merchandise as per the costs cited in this site which is acknowledged by the Purchaser subject to these Conditions, which will oversee the agreement.
  • No variety to these Conditions will be restricting except if concurred recorded as a hard copy between the Purchaser and the appropriately approved agents of the Merchant.
  • The Dealer’s workers or specialists are not approved to make any portrayals concerning the Products except if affirmed by the Merchant recorded as a hard copy.
  • Any guidance or proposal given by the Merchant, its representatives or specialists to the Purchaser with respect to the capacity, application, use or size measurements of the Products that isn’t affirmed recorded as a hard copy by the dealer is followed or followed up on altogether at the Purchaser’s own danger. The Merchant will not be obligated for any such counsel or proposal which isn’t affirmed recorded as a hard copy.
  • Any typographical, administrative or other blunder or exclusion in this site, acknowledgment of offer, receipt or other record or data gave by the Dealer will be dependent upon rectification with no risk with respect to the Vender.

Orders and particulars

  • No organization put together by the Purchaser will be considered to be acknowledged by the Merchant until affirmed recorded as a hard copy by the Dealer’s approved agent.
  • The amount, quality and portrayal of and any particular for the Merchandise will be those set out in the Vender’s site.


  • The cost of the Merchandise will be the Dealer’s provided cost estimate at the point the Purchaser submits a request.
  • Costs are comprehensive of any pertinent worth added charge, yet not conveyance or bundling charges, except if explicitly demonstrated something else.
  • On the off chance that the Purchaser neglects to make any installment on the due date, without bias to some other right or cure accessible to the Dealer, the Vender will be qualified for drop the agreement or suspend any further conveyances to the Purchaser.


  • Any dates cited for conveyance of the Products are estimated just and the Merchant will not be at risk for any important misfortune that a deferral in conveyance of the Merchandise may cause. Regardless, if the Vender can’t supply any of the Products requested by the Purchaser inside 30-days of development of the agreement, the Merchant will contact the Purchaser before the expiry of the 30-days to concur a reexamined conveyance date. The Purchaser isn’t obliged to acknowledge any date past 30-days from the purpose of requesting and may at their outright circumspection drop those Merchandise that stay on raincheck. The Vender will discount the Purchaser for the Merchandise dropped consequently, including any conveyance and bundling charges collected. The Products might be conveyed by the Dealer ahead of time of any cited conveyance date after giving sensible notification to the Purchaser.
  • It is the obligation of the Purchaser to guarantee the conveyance address is right. On the off chance that lacking or inaccurate conveyance data is given, the Provider will not be at risk to the Purchaser for any misfortune, harm or disintegration of the Merchandise.
  • The Dealer, including any conveyance organization it contracts, doesn’t have to fulfill themselves that the individual tolerating conveyance at the concurred address is approved by the Purchaser to acknowledge the Merchandise.

Danger and property

  • Danger of harm to or loss of the Merchandise will pass to the Purchaser at the hour of conveyance or, if the Purchaser unfairly neglects to take conveyance of the Products, when the Dealer has offered conveyance of the Merchandise.
  • Despite conveyance and the death of danger in the Products, the property in the Merchandise will not pass to the Purchaser until the Dealer has gotten in full the cost of the Products.

Guarantees and risk

  • Subject to the conditions set out underneath the Merchant warrants that the Merchandise will relate with their determination at the hour of conveyance and will be liberated from abandons.

The above guarantee is given by the Vender subject to the accompanying conditions:

  • Any case by the Purchaser which depends on any imperfection in the quality or state of the Products will be advised to the Vender inside 30-days from the date of conveyance. In the event that the Purchaser doesn’t tell the Merchant in like manner, the Purchaser will not be qualified for reject the Products and the Dealer will have no responsibility for such imperfection or disappointment.
  • Where any substantial case in regard of any of the Products is informed to the Merchant, the Dealer will be qualified for supplant the Merchandise complimentary or, at the Vender’s sole prudence, discount to the Purchaser the cost of the Products, in addition to a reasonable extent of any conveyance and bundling charges.
  • Besides in regard of death or individual injury brought about by the Vender’s carelessness, the Merchant will not be at risk to the Purchaser by reason of any portrayal (except if deceitful), or any suggested guarantee, condition or other term, or any obligation at customary law, or under the express terms of the Agreement, for any roundabout, exceptional or considerable misfortune or harm, expenses, costs or different cases for pay at all (regardless of whether brought about by the carelessness of the Dealer, its representatives or specialists or something else) which emerge out of or regarding the inventory of the Merchandise or their utilization or resale by the Purchaser. The whole risk of the Dealer under or regarding the Agreement will not surpass the cost of the Products, in addition to conveyance and bundling charges.


  • No waiver by the Dealer of any penetrate of the Agreement by the Purchaser will be considered as a waiver of any resulting break of the equivalent or some other arrangement.
  • If any arrangement of these Conditions is held to be invalid or unenforceable in entire or to some extent the legitimacy of different arrangements of these Conditions will not be influenced.
  • he Agreements (Privileges of Outsiders) Act 1999 will not matter to this agreement and no individual who isn’t involved with this agreement (other than a replacement in title to one of the first gatherings) will be entitled in that individual’s own entitlement to implement any arrangements of this agreement as per the arrangements of the said Act.
  • The Agreement will be administered by English Law.
  • Any reference in these Conditions to any arrangement of a resolution will be understood as a source of perspective to that arrangement as corrected, re-instituted or reached out at the important time.

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