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Jun 2022 | Sustainable living

Who makes our sustainable jute tote bag?

When Sarah and I were looking for someone to make our mini tote bags we had debated over many hours where we would get these products made and who we could get to make them.

We were looking to add a couple of smaller sustainable Totes to our range that we could also add to our sustainable gift sets as something a little different.

We are sure many small business have like us thought long and hard about the pros and cons of making purchases from abroad. The product still has to get here, are the makers treated fairly. All the usual questions that plague your conscience.

Having spent a number of years living and working in less developed countries we knew that despite some of the negatives we wanted to where we could support small sustainable businesses abroad. It is who we are. We have seen first hand the impact that this kind of support can have on a family or a small community and so we decided to do some research.


sustainable product makers


Our sustainable makers Gaman Malu

Fate seemed to have taken a little bit of a role in our search for a maker. I had an upcoming work trip to Sri Lanka planned so I decided to do a little research on makers in this area. This is when I discovered the amazing Shelan and Sajinie from Gaman Malu. 

Sajinie started Gaman Malu in 2019. Her small business specialises in designing various kinds of pouches, shopping, hand, side, event, party & lunch bags using Eco-friendly clothing materials like raw Jute, Grey Cloth, Canvas, Linen and many more.

Their ethos is to try to encourage the use of eco friendly products in place of plastic not only in their native Sri Lanka but also abroad.

After many messages between us we finally got to meet early this year. Based in Beruwala which was a short distance from where I was based in Columbo, I arrived at their brand new premises and was greeted by Sajinie, her husband Shelan and her mum.



Our mini Jute Totes

My meeting with Sajinie and Shelan was a huge success I felt very excited about being able to work with such a great team and to actually be able to meet the makers and seeing the impact our small order could have was quite emotional.

These were not people on the end of an email or a phone. Here I was right where our bags were going to be produced. Sri Lanka is currently suffering incredible hardship. We know our bags are not going to change the world but by supporting Sajinie and her small business means she was able to take on another worker to assist with our order.

The service we have received from Sajinie has been incredible. Constant updates and photo’s of the whole process from start to finish. We have literally watched our mini jute totes become a reality.

If you would like to support Sajinies and our own small business you can purchase one of our plastic free organic cotton Jute Tote minis (with their very handy front pocket) from our online store as a single mini tote or part of our relax and love plenty gift sets. 

And if you are looking for an amazing small business to produce an eco friendly sustainable range for your own company then drop Sajinie a message via her website link below.

Heidi and Sarah xxx

“When you support a small business you are supporting a dream.”

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