Milly & Sissy Deodorant Starter Set 50ml

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Milly & Sissy refillable deodorants are 100% waste free. Mix up your mornings with these great smelling fragrances, made from 99% natural ingredients and all the good stuff for long-lasting underarm protection. No aluminium or bicarbonate of soda. We think it’s that what you put on your skin is not only kind to the planet but also kind to you!

The Milly & Sissy deodorant starter packs contain a 50ml glass roller-on bottle with glass roller & bamboo lid with 1 x 10g refill sachet in Cotton Fresh. These refills need to be used with a 50ml roll-on bottle.

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1. Pour 40ml of hot water (45 - 50°C) into a jug
2. Loosen the powder in the sachet, pour into the jug and gently mix ensuring you don't create foam, then pour into the 50ml deo bottle.
3. Add the roller and lid and give it a good shake
4. Leave it overnight for all the ingredients to make friends
5. In the morning give it another good shake & you're ready to go

When your product is finished, remove the roller & casing (it's easy when warmed up in hot water for 2 mins), clean the bottle & roller, follow refill instructions (above) then click back into place.