Lavinia Facial Peeling Stone



Lavinia facial peeling stone handmade of sandstone from Dalarne in central Sweden.

  • A 100% organic product
  • Made from the Natural Orsa sandstone in Sweden
  • As the peeling stone is made from a natural sandstone it lasts a lifetime.
  • It replaces other exfoliators which are not made from natural materials and often contain plastic and/or plastic packaging.
  • Use the peeling stone in the shower and save money on expensive and chemical exfoliating cremes often filled with micro plastic!
  • The stone efficiently removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin smooth and soft. Be careful, as the stone is very efficient! Try it out gently the first couple of times until you’ve learned how to adjust it to your skin type.
  • The file is presented in a small cork case that makes it appealing to look at and is a beautiful addition to your bathroom.

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