Ekologik Mulit-Purpose Cleaning Pods/Refills

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Welcome to next generation cleaning!

Ekologic eco-friendly plant based cleaning pods reduce the need to transport large quantities of water reducing carbon emissions by 95%.

This powerful eco-friendly Multi-Purpose Cleaner, removes bacteria and is perfect for all surfaces from kitchen tops to glass and mirrors. Removes dirt and freshens surfaces.

How does it work? All you need is one reusable cleaning bottle. Add your cleaning pod, fill with warm water, shake until the pod has dissolved and voila! Earth friendly cleaning without the compromise on cleaning power.

Scent: Ocean breeze – An uplifting blend of eucalyptus and cedarwood, providing you with a refreshing fragrance of the seashore.

Use the stickers provided to label your bottles and reuse. Ekologik recommend 1 pod per 500ml of water.

Refill, don’t landfill!

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Ekologik Mulit-Purpose Cleaning Pods/Refills


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