Our Story

Earth Lover was founded in 2020,but our real journey began long ago.

Sarah’s Story

From a young age I have always had a love for the natural world and everything Eco. However, there was always one passion I had above all and that was Africa.

After a number of years of living the normal day to day, I decided that I wanted to follow my dream.

My African journey began in South Africa. I spent the first 6 months studying to be a Field Guide. I lived in a tent and our classroom was the wilds of the bush. We lived amongst Elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and so much more. We covered so many different subjects, from the soil to the stars, and this is when I truly understood how in nature everything has a purpose and a place. I continued guiding and studying for a number of years. I was even able to return to the guiding school that trained me, to train other budding wildlife warriors. I had truly fallen under Africa’s spell.

When given the opportunity to run our own camp, my husband and I moved north to eSwatini. This amazing country has a conservation history so sad and yet so inspiring. Having already experienced the unbelievable tragedy of rhino poaching firsthand we were heartbroken to see what this horrendous trade had done to eSwatini’s populations. Thankfully, with the incredible work of conservationists and the Swazi people, their populations have grown. We lived in a forest, our camp had no electricity and was lit every night by lantern light. Hyaenas and bush babies were our evening entertainment.

Our final Africa adventure took us to Kwa Zulu Natal, where we would run our own nature reserve. An unbelievably exciting yet daunting idea at the same time; we embraced it. My husband was by far the more experienced here, having grown up in Africa. It brought challenges I would never have dreamed of; bush fires, poaching, drought. Every day was as unique as the next. It was not just a job, it was a 24/7 lifestyle. One of our conservation projects involved working with African Wild dogs, a critically endangered species whose numbers are incredibly low. Our role was to create a bonding project for wild populations. Here we would take small male and female groups and determine via behavioural studies, what animals would work well together as a pack. They would then be released back into the wild. This was truly an amazing and rewarding experience for everyone who was involved.

After returning to the UK with our young family, I wanted to continue highlighting the need for change, the need to protect and the need to tread more gently on the earth. This is how Earth Lover began.

Heidi’s Story

I have always enjoyed creating natural skincare products and home baking. I have fond childhood memories of blending rosewater and witch hazel to create my first skin toner.

My career could not have taken me on a more different path. I started working in London, at 16, on a youth training scheme. I had never been more excited! My corporate journey provided me with many challenges, but a positive was the opportunity to travel, experience different cultures and meet many inspiring people.

Throughout these years my love for creating never went away and in my spare time I am always exploring the world of natural skincare and coming up with new recipes that I share with my friends and family. I even managed to complete an organic skincare course which really opened my eyes to the importance of knowing which ingredients are simply not necessary and which ingredients are kinder to the environment.

I love to bake and have had the privilege of making both my sister’s wedding cakes. Sarah’s was particularly challenging, as it was transported in many sections across the beautiful game reserve where she was married, and the cake was assembled on arrival.

I am married to a South African and I have been visiting South Africa for over 20 years to see family and was lucky enough to visit Sarah many times on the game reserves where she lived. It is a truly wonderful place and you cannot help but fall in love with it.

On a trip to Thailand in 2017, I witnessed for the first time the devastating impact that plastic waste was having on our oceans, beaches and wildlife. This fuelled an immense passion within me to really make a difference and with Sarah returning to the UK, we talked all the time about what we could do above and beyond our own lifestyles. This is when we decided to start Earth Lover.

If i have seen magic, it has been in Africa