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Nov 2021 | Sustainable living

Hello! I’m Vicki and i run a small business called From Suffolk With Love, where i put together planet concious, plastic free gift boxes filled with beautiful items that are handmade by small businesses local to me in this lovely corner of the world, Suffolk.


Where it all began

The earliest i remember being aware of green issues is at primary school where a teacher spoke to us about the importance of not littering and reducing waste. She once told us about chasing down cars on her bike to give people back the rubbish they had just thrown out of their window, including one day a nappy!. I am sure we all found this hilarious at the time but some of that must have sunk in and stayed with me as littering is something i have always hated, and felt the need to clear up if i can.

Reduce, reuse, recyle

Later in Life when i worked in offices. I used to go around at the end of the day clearing out bins of cans and plastic bottles and putting them in the recycling bin (annoyingly in most cases right next to the actual bin) and telling off anyone i caught in the act.

Reducing waste

Over the years i have learnt different things we should be doing to help the environment, not just recycling but reducing waste in the first place and i have tried to implement this as much as possible into my own home. So, when i started From Suffolk With Love, i knew my products had to be eco-friendly and especially plastic free so i would not be contributing to single use plastic waste further.

How From Suffolk With Love began

The idea for From Suffolk With Love came in lockdown. Although, the seed had been planted the Christmas before when trying to put together a date night box for my sister.

In the first lockdown around April time i was tring to find some thoughtful gifts to send to friends but struggled to find anything that was fully plastic free. I thought i would have a go myself and with small businesses struggling i knew that i wanted the products to be from small businesses local to me in my beautiful Suffolk.

My eco-friendly gift boxes

I started with the Bliss Box (link). A lovely pamper box with a soap, bath bombs, body butter, soy wax candle and some luxury chocolate. This remains my most popular gift box to this day. I now have a range of over 20 gift boxes, including mini boxes for smaller gift options. The Bloke Box (link), Kid box (link) and my range of Pamper boxes are all very popular Christmas gifts.

My journey continues…

Through my From Suffolk With Love business and the amazing people i follow on social media, my eco-friendly journey continues. There is always something to learn about and put into practice. It is all about making sustainable changes that are right for you and doing what you can. So wherever you are on your eco journey, well done! keep going you are making a difference.

Vicki xxx

From Suffolk With Love

The Earth is a wondrous place worth fighting for.

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